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How Should A Soccer Player Eat?

Food can be broken down to its basic constituents and as far as the soccer player is concerned, it takes a special diet plan to realize the full quota of nutrients and minerals. It would be the nature of soccer players to have bouts of dash and stop during the matches, hence a diet that stresses on repair and recuperation is key to understanding what works for the player as such. Minerals play a significant role in the dietary habits as it often fortifies and smoothens the functioning of the nervous system.


This remains the single most important meal of the day to a soccer player or to anyone in particular. Of particular mention must be made of the needs of the soccer player to have sufficient stores of energy stocked up for a full day of activity all the time.

Energy rich carbohydrates are a must have component to any soccer players diet. The options are many, varying from corn cereals and oats to potatoes and the likes. It is the initial rush of carbohydrates that set the tone for the further activities of the day henceforth.

Soccer Player


Lunch or the mid day meal is often the time to have meat in the diet. Although breakfast does have this option, the heavy meats are reserved for the luncheon time most of the time. The digestive system needs to be primed to perform before something heavy as a meaty meal is contemplated.

Even there are peculiarities in terms of the kind of meat that is ingested. The so called lean meats and white meats are the preferred mode of consumption. So lamb meat is in while something like beef is to be avoided.

Most occasions, it is the leaner cut of the meats that are preferred as it tends to be richer in muscle building and muscle repair proteins.


For most athletes and particularly the soccer players, the dinner is something that is meant to be slept over.  For this part, people start off with a soup to the night meal and are found to be filling and nutritious as well. One of the key factors as far as the dinner of the soccer players is concerned is that there needs to be at least a couple of hours rest after dinner before turning in for the night.

Minerals and vitamins

These are what keep the nerves and other supportive systems in control and in working condition.  If there is a deficiency of minerals and vitamins, then it could be possible that the player could face issues of coordination and calm demeanor on the playing field.

Water and beverages

With the body constituting 80% by weight of water, it is important to remain hydrated to function properly.  Sportsmen and particularly the soccer players supplement their fluid intake with sufficient minerals too. This is to allow the body to repair and recuperate after a heavy days’ work on the field.

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