Nutritious Foods for Soccer Player

Nutritious Foods for Soccer Player

Being a soccer player trainee takes a lot of strength and stamina. Your muscles have to endure constant running, tackling, ball control, and impact from physical contact with other players. Your body should have resistance to stress, fatigue, and injuries. You should be able to work harder and play longer without getting fatigued. Here, the primary importance is for foods that you consume. Once the diet plan is right, you can focus on workout, training and other fitness programs easily.

Food as Fuel

Food is fuel for muscle growth and expansion. You have to consider the whole neuromuscular system for keeping your body fit and healthy. The first focus should be on the thigh and calf muscles. Then you have to focus on the shoulder and arms muscles.


Lean meat from lamb, pork, and beef can be ideal for muscle building in the thighs and calf. They can also burn the fat in the abs and thighs. You have to ensure the removal of unhealthy fat from the meat while preparing the foods. Then the useful fat will become a fuel for the energy infusion into your muscles.

Nutritious Foods for Soccer Player


Salmon, broccoli, lentils, spinach, sardines, perch, mackerel, and herring are some of the fish and veggies ingredients you can add to your foods. Rinse the fish in salt-water before boiling. Then you can fry on a gentle flame in olive oil. It should turn moderately brown. You can add fish to your breakfast bread as a sandwich ingredient. You may also use it for lunch and supper with rice.


You can add the veggies like broccoli, carrot, beet, cucumber, and pumpkin to make a salad. Add onions and tomato after slicing. Top with cut coriander leaves, lime juice, and pepper powder. Add salt according to your taste. Veggie soups with rice, chicken, and meat is also a great recipe for strengthening your muscles.

Eating raw veggies is a great way of enhancing the digestive power of your body. You can also have veggie juices every morning and evening. They can boost the immunity of your muscles and enhance their flexibility.

Food Eating Frequency

It is a good practice to eat light meals that are spread over the day. You may eat five light meals instead of having three heavy meals. They can make digestion easier and faster. The volume ratio between digested and undigested food will be like 8:2 in a rating of 10. Heavy meals can mean slow digestion rate, larger waste, and fewer calories ingestion. It is for the simple reason that your body can’t take more than a specific volume of food at a time.

Water Drinking Pattern

You may drink five or six liters of water every day without any hesitation. You can even increase the volume and frequencies. It will only increase the digestion efficiency and speed.

The food intake has to be accompanied by simpler warm-up exercises for your body. Do it for 15 days before starting the strength training for the soccer training program.


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