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Welcome to Planet Soccer Live

Wow! Writing about soccer has been my passion since West Germany beat Italy in the ITALIA –90 world cup. The difference was only 1-0 in favor of the winners. Soccer became a well-known sport in the USA only after 1921. Since then it has grown faster than everyone’s expectations and imaginations. It is also a great sport for improving your physical fitness, stamina, strength, and endurance factors. But your body and mind have to be fine-tuned to start playing the sport. In my blog, I will introduce you to the many techniques and methods of keeping fit and healthy.

Planet Soccer Diet Program

If you want to become a good soccer player, it is mandatory to follow a special diet plan. Your body will need a lot of nutrition like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and others. You may get them from veggies, meat, kinds of seafood, and supplement sources. In my blog, I will introduce you to many types of animal protein, vegetable protein, and seafood protein.

Sports bars are the most favorite sources of energy for soccer players like you. Of course, there have been many controversies regarding their need and effectiveness today. I would say, you try them once and see if there is any difference in your health condition. You may find them useful for instant energy, stress relief, and even just fun.

Planet Soccer Fitness program

The energy required to play 90 minutes of soccer could be equivalent to the combination of running, tackling, kicking, shouting, and performing acrobatic actions on the field. The level of stress and fatigue is always high. So, you need to prepare your body and mind to face the tough times on the field.

I will discuss many aspects of the back squat, sprints, pushups, weight training, strength training, agility ladders, barbells, dumbbells, and many others. I have chosen a new way of implementing fitness programs by keeping them simple and practical for your needs.

Planet Soccer Recovery Program

Recovery from injury could be a complex and time-consuming process, especially if it is serious or critical. You may think the soccer-field to be a fairly harmless zone, where players focus only focus on ball tackling and possession techniques.

The last time I played college level soccer, I felt as though I was caught between the bulls on the field. Forget about the opponent players bumping onto me, it was those from my own team who kept pushing me all over the field. I have experienced my own team member knocking me down many times. Luckily, I had escaped with some small injuries.

So, I want to take special care of those who are prone to on-field injuries. I will be revealing the best practices to healing pain, setting right twists, misalignment, and other physiological defects.

Chiropractic for Soccer Players

Chiropractic treatments are stated to be the most preferred methods for soccer sports injuries. Practical experience shows they are inexpensive, efficient and effective. Keep reading my blogs to know more about Chiropractic practices and benefits.