A Good Time to Discuss Last Planet Soccer in The Beginning Month of 2018

In this good month, it is very interesting to talk about the last planet soccer, especially for you who like soccer. Yes, to talk about everything related to soccer will be no end for us. It can be so because there are always many up to date news and information which are necessary to discuss and inform. That is why there will be no boring moment to talk about soccer.

Talking about soccer, there are so many beauties which are often discussed by media, on TV, Radio or even internet. It can be mostly discussed because soccer can present beauty, solidarity, fair play, entertainment, and some other things which can please all of the soccer lovers. Besides, all of us, of course, know that many people around the world like soccer. Thus, soccer has the certain contentment for almost all people around the world. The Interesting Side of Live Soccer Sport.

About last planet soccer, there will be a fascinating topic to discuss in this month. It is about the players’ transfer. In this beginning month of 2018, there are some clubs which have a deal to buy new players to fulfill their need. From all of the football clubs which buy new players, there are two clubs are interesting to discuss. It can be so because they buy the good and phenomenal players. Some media often talk to them because of the move to another team. So, in this good opportunity, let’s talk about them in more detail.

Two players to talk about in the current last planet soccer:

1. Virgil van Dijk

virgil-van-dijkTo talk about this player is very interesting. This transfer can be one of the phenomenal transfers because Liverpool has to take £75m to buy him. This amount includes one of the big money that Liverpool takes to get a new player.


Moreover, the buying of this defender will be the right choice for Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool because this club can be said as the big club which has a low or weak defense. It is proved by the number of goals which are made by the opponents while beating this team. So, Liverpool hopes that van Dick’s coming will make a good improvement for the club performance, especially for the defense.


2. Philippe Coutinho 142m

Philippe-CoutinhoCoutinho is a great football player who has perfect skill. It is proved by the number of assist and goals that he made with Liverpool. That is why, in this last planet soccer, we likely talk about him for you. The interesting side of him is the important role of him for the club.


Then, considering his role in his old club, Liverpool, it can be the best choice for Ernesto Valverde to get him. Then, we know that Coutinho is a midfielder. He has a big role in managing the team. His contribution to his old club is very wonderful. He can help the forward players like Mane and Firminho well in making goals. So, it will be worth for Barcelona to get him as their squat.

Talking about this player who comes to Barcelona on January 8th, the club can use this player to complete and strengthen the squat in the mid-position. He can cover the other players like Iniesta or Rakitic as the players with a similar role for the team. Also, he will be useful to support the forward player like Suarez and Messi to maximize more in making goals.

Well, talking about transfer windows is always interesting to follow. Therefore, there many media which always show them as the hot news, especially the popular and great players’ move, that can bring about many viewers. Yes, that is all about last planet soccer which can we share with you today.

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